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Are you tired of randomly being prescribed harmful chemicals which result in a wide range of side-effects and offer no actual health benefits? You can have personalized product testing, ensuring that your body can assimilate the nutrition given. Your experience will be like none other, unique from the moment you walk in the door!

Come see Sherolyn and Ronnie, we offer high quality vitamins, herbs, supplements, unique Diffusers, the purest Aroma Therapy, Reflexology Tools, Himalayan Salt Rocks, fermented Genki Foods products, Sho-Tai Analysis and much more!

Featuring Nature's Sunshine products!

We offer Sho-Tai Testing by Bruce Bell of Selkirk, Manitoba

He analyses your personal needs and suggests how to regain balance.

His products are available at the store.

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  • 453 3rd Street S.E.

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