Operations Manager position

CCDA Manager of Operations Job Description

The Manager of Operations administers the day-to-day operations of the CCDA, a Business Improvement Area under provincial law, and under the direction of the Board of Directors (Board) including implementing and ensuring Board policies are followed and implementing the Board's strategic plans

This includes goals set out by the City of Medicine Hat Bylaw 2365 (3336) (a) To improve, beautify and maintain property in the CCDA area, (b) To develop, improve and maintain public parking; and (c) To promote the City Center Development area as a business or shopping area.

This includes managing the daily operations of the Monarch Theatre.

City Centre Development

As the face of the CCDA actively promotes CCDA advantages to stakeholders and creates and maintains relationships with downtown businesses and organizations.

Assist in promoting downtown opportunities, the Monarch Theatre, and events.

Promote and administer CCDA and/or City programs to stakeholders.

Use CCDA events as opportunities for stakeholder engagement.


Communicates with city departments regarding CCDA business.

Updates or assists in updating the CCDA and Monarch Theatre website and social media sites.

Ensures all legally required financial, employment, safety and governance related rules, regulations, inspections, and documentation are kept up to date.

Ensures board meetings are organized and minutes and other supporting documentation are made available to meeting participants at least one-week prior to meetings.

Ensures all CCDA documents are appropriately filed, preserved and made available to the Board when requested.

Works with the CCDA Governance Committee to create job ads, interviews and hire staff for the CCDA.

Works with the Chair of the Promotions Committee to ensure an annual evaluation is completed for the Office and Events Manager.

Works with the Chair of the Monarch Committee to ensure employees and volunteers working at the Monarch Theatre are appropriately hired, trained, and evaluated. Provides oversight and supervision on a daily basis including scheduling and timesheets.

Responds to questions, requests for information and stakeholder concerns on a day-to-day basis.

Shares information received from the City with downtown businesses.


Administers CCDA funds as directed by Board and as set out in the approved budget.

Provides oversight for day to day spending and accounting as directed by the Finance Committee.

Participates in negotiating, monitoring and evaluating contracts as directed by the Board.

Ensures all financial records are maintained.

Works with the Office and Events Manager to ensure expenses and revenue are recorded appropriately and financial statements are correct.

Works with the Office and Events Manager to ensure all wages and deductions and other legally required filings are performed and recorded in appropriate timelines.

Assists the Finance Committee in preparing the audit and the next fiscal year's budget.

Explores opportunities for sponsorship, grants and other income sources.

Monarch Theatre

Manages the operations of the Monarch Theatre on behalf of the CCDA.

Hires, trains, schedules, supervises and evaluates Monarch Theatre staff.

Provides monthly feedback, review and coaching for Monarch employees.

Recruits, trains, schedules and maintains good relations with all Monarch Theatre volunteers.

Ensures time sheets and all other employment related records are accurate and all personnel files are maintained.

Ensures all municipal, provincial and federal legal requirements related to employment, safety, and operating a public facility are met and documentation is appropriately filed.

Ensures the Theatre is clean, safe and welcoming; may include cleaning and minor maintenance.

Provides the Monarch Committee with accounting, attendance and other information related to theatre and concession operations.

Oversees cash management and banking for the Theatre including tills, incentive programs, and theatre rental billing and collections.

Schedules, orders, and returns movies.

Manages contracts, commercial agreements, licensing and percentage fees.

Coordinates and promotes theatre rental.

If you are interested in applying for this position please forward your resume and cover letter to Chair Les Schwabe and Vice Chair Jessica Boyd by October 7/2016. Emails are lstcg@telusplanet.net and sassyab@shaw.ca


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