City Centre Investment Opportunities Program (CCIOP)

Community Futures Entre-Corp Business Development and City Centre Development Agency have created an alliance to help new and existing businesses located in Medicine Hat 's city centre.

The City Centre Investment Opportunities Program (CCIOP) assists renovation projects, to a maximum of $15,000.00. Community Futures Entre-Corp will provide loans to approved CCDA ratepayers to a maximum of $12,000.00. The CCDA will pay the interest, on the approved Entre-Corp loan, and provide a grant of up to 20 per cent of the approved project, to a maximum of $3,000.00.

The funds provided to the downtown businesses are for the purpose of upgrading their business interior, through improvements such as painting, light fixtures, shelving and flooring, as well as exterior signage and improvements. The loan and grant are for all CCDA ratepayers, whether the business is brand new or 30 years old.

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- Application for CCIOP

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For further information on CCIOP, please contact:

Community Futures Entre-Corp

#202, 556 4th St SE, Medicine Hat, AB

Phone: (403) 528 - 2824



608 3rd St SE, Medicine Hat, AB

Phone: (403) 529 - 5997

Email: [email protected]

City of Medicine Hat's Downtown Development Incentive Program (DDIP)

The Downtown Development Incentive Programs are intended to provide financial assistance to downtown property owners to put their plans into action, whether it's redeveloping an old retail space, upgrading a second floor living space, or developing a new multi-use retail/office/residential building.

More information with application forms can be found at the City of Medicine Hat's website:

For further information on the DDIP, please contact:

Business Support Office

Phone: (403) 529 - 8373

E-mail: [email protected]